Is Knee Surgery Worth It?

Lars After His Run

Lars After His Run

Can dogs get back to their active lives following knee surgery? This is the exact question I had to ask myself a few years ago when my dog Lars, my sexy black lab tore his CCL (canine cruciate ligament) in his left knee. At the time of the injury, Lars was a healthy four year old, full of spunk with an overwhelming love for running!

When meeting with the surgeon for the first time, my first question to him was: What surgical option will allow my dog to return to as close to 100 percent as possible? Without hesitation, the guy told me that for the best prognosis, TPLO surgery was the way to go, so away we went!

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Do You Dress Up Fido For Halloween?

Over the years, I have been known to put my dog’s through the mill, not literally of course but in regards to Halloween! Now I am not a fan of the people who dress up their dogs on a daily basis in silly little coats and sweaters but when it comes to Halloween, I join the crazy people and make a fool out of my poor dog.

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Lars On Autopilot

So people often ask me if Lars, my guide dog actually knows where we are going when I leave home with him. Truthfully, Lars may not initially know where we are going, but as we get closer to our destination, he figures it out, relying on past trips to whatever destination we are approaching.

When he figures out where we are going, I can put him on autopilot if you will, simply relying on his instinct to get me there, which he does without fail, every time.

This, however would not be one of these times! You see this time, my destination was actually further on, past the destination that Lars really, really, really wanted to go to! Who said dogs are not too smart for their own good?

When Guide Dogs Attack!

Lars is one of the best guide dogs on the planet, and I can say that because afterall, he is mine!

I subscribe to the theory that all work and no play is a bad way to saunter through life, and I make sure to apply this approach with Lars also.

Now, if given the chance, I know that he would not knowingly rip my head off, but it sure sounds and appears like he sure would by this little glimpse into one of his fav things to do!

Owning Dogs Is Not Always Glamerous

How to express a dog's anal glands

How to express a dog’s anal glands

There are some not so glamerous aspects of dog health to owning a pet, one of these being dealing with impacted anal glands.

For those of you who are turning your nose up at me, just wait until you catch a wiff of anal gland secretion, which is a smell you will not soon forget, I promise you that!

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How Healthy Are Your Dog’s Treats?

How healthy are your dog's treats?

How healthy are your dog’s treats?

I am often asked what kind of treats I give Lars, and my answer is always the same: ‘I do not give Lars treats, I just use kibble as treats.’ This response often results in the ‘oh, why do you not give your dog treats?’ And I always answer the same: ‘well, Lars does not miss what he has never had,’ and by giving him kibble instead of treats, I know that what I am giving him, is healthy, not full of empty calories that he does not need.

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Does Your Dog Have Arthritis?

arthritis in dogs

arthritis in dogs

For owners of older dogs, one health concern that becomes worth thinking about is joint maintinence. As joints age, they will deteriorate, a fact that often leads to the onset of arthritis.

Arthritis refers to cartilage erosion and degeneration of the joint, which can lead to inflammation of the joint, and a lot of pain. Now we all know that dogs do a bad job of letting us know that they are in pain, thus it is up to us to identify when they are suffering!

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